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Updated 03/13/2020 at 3:03PM

Irrigation Repair & Optimization Orlando and Sanford

The best way to save money and irrigation water is to have a water wise landscape:  click >here< to lear more about this topic...

>click< on Introduction to Irrigation to learn more about irrigation...

If you have:

  • An existing irrigation system
  • A system that is fully functional
  • I can optimize the output and scheduling
  • Helping to save you money

The Process:

  • I do a comprehensive inspection of the entire system, observing each zone in operation
  • Then I can pinpoint areas where improvements will result in significant savings
  • Minimize/eliminate overspray on sidewalks/driveways
  • Get water to the root zone where it is need most
  • Keep it off the foliage where it increases disease incidence
  • Inspect the rain sensor or install it if you do not have one           
  • Finally, we will review your current irrigation schedule and duration for improvement
  • If you do have an existing system:

    • And it needs repairs
    • Let me take a look at it and I may be able to help
    • If I cannot help, there will be no charge for the visit
    • We can discuss options related to hiring a licensed irrigation contractor
    • I have a very good referral in this area.

    If you do not have an existing irrigation system:

    And want to establish and maintain a new landscape, you have a couple of options:

    1.  Install an in-ground PVC based irrigation system that connects to the main water source using either potable or reclaimed water.  This will require the employment of an irrigation contractor licensed to work at the water main and install in-ground PVC systems.  I do not offer this service.

    2.  Install a temporary system off the hose bib.  This is never a good idea unless it is for something temporary like establishing a few shrubs or a tree; or maybe even to establish a modest arrangement of new plants.  But is not intended to be permanent, will not handle a large scale renovation, and is not appropriate for turfgrass.  The connections tend to be leaky and the plastic parts can come apart easily.  If you are going to do this make sure you monitor it daily.

    Please consider this: 

    • Watering restrictions are going become more stringent in the future
    • Typical landscape habits, plant selections, and overall designs simply won't be sustainable under these restrictions
    • My education has prepared me to help you, the homeowner, address these issues
    • Provide plans for a sustainable landscape that still looks good, neat, and well kept
    • Without the associated maintenance, irrigation, and pesticide requirements

    Check out my page on NATIVE LANDSCAPES & XERISCAPING for more information on this topic...

    Information on county watering restrictions:

    Seminole County:

    Orange County:

    Summary:                          Daylight savings time                    Standard time

    Odd Address                     Wednesday/Saturday                   Saturday

    Even Address                    Thursday/Sunday                          Sunday

    Increased irrigation for new plantings is permitted. You may need to apply for a permit from your HOA or Local Municipality.

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