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Custom Water Features can be low maintenance! 

Water features are a great addition to the landscape and if installed correctly they do not require a lot of maintenance!

  • I use a system that is dedicated to building components for water features that over come many of the challenges.
  • Challenges such as always having to refill the water or clean leaves out of the pump, are overcome based on how I install them.
  • Water features are great for creating a private area because the soft sounds of the water flow filter incoming noise from the road or neighbors. 
  • Flowing water also increases your privacy for conversations and socializing in your outdoor living space.
  • Each water feature is custom designed and built based on your individual needs and preferences. 
  • Authentic natural stone is used to create an area that will look integrated into your landscape.
  • You can also choose from a plethora of fountains that are available locally or by order.

They all work with my system!  Listen to the short video of this in action! 

The streambed shown below is one component of an extensive renovation for the front and backyard for a very large property.


Originally these folks had a problem with water collection at the patio.  By also grading the area properly and routing the gutter drainage away from the patio we were able to solve this problem for our client.  This was a very complex drainage issue to be reconciled with the flow of the streambed; a challenge I handled readily and efficiently.  Our clients are very happy!  My unique and original approach to problem solving can transform an issue into an opportunity.  How can I help you? 

One of our favorite projects from 2019 is a water feature built using natural stone slabs.  It is over 5' tall!  On the right we added several smaller fountains to enhance the relaxing sound and improve the view as you stroll by.

updated:  03/13/2020 11:37AM 

Thank you for your visit!  Scott Simpson, Earthwise