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Landscape Design by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC Orlando and Central Florida

Having a good looking landscape is only half selection. The other half is know how to care for it.

Landscape Design for an English Style Garden back yard:

Landscape Plan for a small back yard, see how we handle this...

Backyard lanai redesign and refurbish case 378

Front beds and back yard poolside garden case 184

My goal is to provide the best & most comprehensive service.  Landscape Design for each individual client calls for a unique approach custom tailored for you.

  1. Earthwise planning procedures, developed over the last decade, are holistic in nature and detail oriented.
  2. When Clients make a request for their landscape plan, I make sure they have it.
  3. Wildlife attraction and Florida friendly concepts, which both benefit our ecology, are often the foundation of my suggestions.
  4. Water-wise low maintenance plant material and comprehensive irrigation system evaluation are standard procedure.
  5. The solutions we develop help to ensure long term success of your landscape project.
  6. I offer a pallet of tough and Florida friendly plant material to choose from.

I am still in touch with many of my clients to help with questions years later, how can I help you...

Project Collaboration

Landscape plan to refresh and renew

Lanai landscape design case 456

Clean out and redesign existing

Trim and refurbish landscape case 291

Removal and replant case 091

Backyard overhaul case 089

We tackle tough back yard

Full landscape overhaul near UCF

Wildlife Landscapes

Edible Xeriscape case 092

Key West tropical case 088