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This is my specialty!  Re-design and install residential landscapes.

I'm Scott Simpson, Owner of Earthwise. This website has a fairly complete anthology of my work, but most of the prominent pictures you'll see as you browse represent my progression into larger more complex projects with multiple specialty elements.  With over 10 years of landscaping experience, I have successfully completed over 500 projects.


If you are considering a complete exterior overhaul, you've come to the right place.  In addition to the layout of trees, sod, shrubs, and smaller plants I can also plan for the location and configuration of driveways, pathways, decking, and any other outdoor elements.  There are some services I don't offer and I don't sub-contract.  But what I will do is collaborate throughout the project with you and other service providers to make sure those elements are completed within spec.  Any fees I have for this service will be above board.

To start the process, I will walk through with you and help evaluate your existing landscape.   Then, I'll collaborate with you on options and recommendations.  Your feedback and preferences are my inspiration for the plans.  You can collaborate as much or as little as you like, everyone is different and I am happy to accommodate various preferences.  You'll be provided with a summary outline along with the plans and estimate.  This way the scope of work is clearly defined.  I emphasize good communication and welcome your collaboration as we progress through the project to completion.

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Thank you for your visit!  Scott Simpson, Earthwise

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Landscape plan to refresh and renew existing beds

Landscape plan to clean up and refurbish an overgrown backyard

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