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Landscape Design with ground cover in Orlando Central Florida Landscapes.

Below you have a newly installed ground cover area. 

In a couple short years the plants will fill in and form a nice colorful and well kept area.


Sod replacement by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC in Orlando and Central Florida surrounding areas.

When replacing sod we should carefully consider the viability of Turfgrass in the landscape

There are many things to consider and we take the time to walk you through the options

Often times using a groundcover in areas where turf has never done well can be a viable solution

  • But what type of ground cover is best?
  • How do you get it to grow?
  • How do you water it? Same as turf?
  • How do you keep it looking good?
  • Will it be green all year long?

These are just a few of the questions we ask when selecting a ground cover option.

First, I want to emphasize before proceeding that we are not your typical landscaping and sod installation company:

  • Highly detail oriented
  • Specialize in what we do
  • Emphasize quality over quantity
  • Your property will be receiving a very thorough clean out and prep for the sod
  • We have stringent installation requirements and our team is trained by me personally

Clients requesting a landscape plan for sod replacement will receive a plan customized for their landscape:

  • We began with a consultation on options for sod varieties
  • We also discuss alternatives to sod and the advantages to using them
  • We also discuss the myriad of factors that can affect the success of the sod replacement project
  • When we are done you will have a full understanding your sod options, pros, and cons
  • We simply do not proceed with a sod project unless all factors for success are in place
  • In the end you have the facts you need to make the choice that is right for you

We believe this approach will save you money in the long term.

How many times have you paid to replace that lawn?

We are very good at what we do. 

As the owner, I spent two years+ on a thesis study for my Master's degree at UF involving the establishment and care of St. Augustine lawn grass.

View a summary of my published thesis at this URL:  (this link will open in a new window, it is a large document and may take a moment to load)

The procedures involved in the installation and establishment are crucial to the long term success of new sod.  And that is my goal, long term success of your new lawn.  We won't let you down!

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This plan is for a simple modern style front yard and an edible garden in the backyard


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