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Earthwise: not the usual landscape design and build service. We are highly detail oriented and specialize in what we do. We emphasize quality over quantity and your property will be receiving the very best of our attention. We have very thorough procedures revolving around landscape design and build services which will become apparent as the project progresses. When we are done you will definitely have that wow factor you are looking for.

If you are shopping bids, you may find a lower offer but I guarantee you it will not be for the depth and quality of work you would be receiving from us.

As owner of the business, I also act as project manager. I enjoy my work and this also guarantees the quality of our workmanship as the result of the direct supervision of the owner.

References from our clients and vendors available upon request.

We try to be very thorough and detailed about listing what work is included and not included in your project bid. Our goal with this is to avoid any confusion once work begins. There are many variables in landscaping so, please do not make any assumptions about work being done. If it is not listed here, then we are not doing it. If you have questions, please clarify them with me first.

Next, let me say that this is a plan based on your feedback combined with my recommendations to do the job right. If there is anything you want different, changed, or added please let me know. My goal is for you to get exactly what you want. If I have not achieved that , then please provide feedback I can use your feedback to get there.

Working with sod:

Each variety of grass has different maintenance requirements, we will provide you with procedures to make sure it establishes successfully and does well long term, you will be provided with these instructions when the project is complete.

Soil modification & amendment

Unless otherwise noted, we are not adding topsoil, organic matter, or any other amendment to the soil. Generally speaking, plants are selected that will do well in your existing soil conditions so that soil modification is not required. If soil modification would help, we can discuss the extent and added costs.


We never recommend the use of landscape fabric (weed blocker) in planting beds. Unless otherwise discussed, we recommend pine bark nuggets as mulch.



Flagstone patios have a very detailed installation procedure. We DO NOT simply put the stones down in the dirt. We have extensive prep and assembly procedures that ensure a top quality installation. Our stone work is top notch, and featured on our supplier’s website. Follow the link below to see our work with gray flagstone and tan pebbles to make a curved path with small green shrubs along the sides.

Loose rock beds

When we install large areas of rock or use rock as mulch, our experience has taught us that first we need to follow detailed installation procedures so your rock bed looks good long term an second you need to know how to care for these areas. We will give you instruction on this after completion of the project.

Edging & low walls:

Unless otherwise specified, physical edging is not automatically included with loose rock beds. There are many types, some effective and some not so much; they all add considerable cost to the rock bed. Although edging will certainly help keep the lines smooth and neat, it is not always required. In many cases we prep the loose rock bed area in a way that will minimize the migration of loose rock into other areas such as sod and mulch.

When we do edging, we don’t simply lay the stone on top of the ground in a line. We will follow our procedure detail to make sure it looks good and is stable.

Preparing your property for our arrival:

Please make sure you have taken the following measures. If we arrive and clean up in the following categories is required, we may have to charge for this service.

  • This estimate does not include trash clean up. If you have trash or other non-landscape related debris, please make sure it is cleared from the work area. Sorry we cannot haul trash or non-landscape debris from your property.
  • Please make sure pet waste has been cleaned from the work area. Sorry, but we cannot offer pet waste cleanup service.
  • Please make sure your personal items such as tools, personal belongings, toys, and any other items not related to the work at hand have been removed from the work area.

If you need a hand moving heavy furniture, we are glad to help.

Our work and other contractors

If you are planning to have other work done soon, please let us know. Often, when other contractors are working at the same time we are, this creates conflicts with access and safety. We do all our unloading, work, and loading by hand so we must have clear driveway and landscape access.

It is best if you do not schedule any other contractor to be there while we are working, especially if their work area will overlap with ours or be for an extended period of time. If you do schedule another service provider, please make clear to them our need for clear access.

If you currently have a lawn & chemical service that mows & sprays your property, please make sure to inform them of our work dates so they do not arrive to mow or spray the lawn while we are there.


If you have an HOA you may need to communicate your intentions to them initiate the approval process before work begins. Every HOA is different, so make sure to contact them ahead of time to find out their procedures. Once we have contracted for service, I can provide any information required.

Estimates expire 30 days from the date they are submitted.   This is because nursery inventory and availability of plant material changes rapidly. Also, delivery terms tend to change over time based on fuel costs. If you would like to proceed with an estimate that has expired, please contact me so that I can make any adjustments that may be required.  Typically we honor our pricing with little variance.

Upon approval, we will call the utilities locates service 811. This is a free service that marks underground utilities using spray paint and flags. They are instructed not to paint hard surfaces such as sidewalks and pavers. This is a free service that I am required to call before digging. They take about 3-4 business days to respond.

Working with our Team

Team members are well trained and screened before employment.  We understand the importance of safety when working in a residential setting.  Our employees are instructed to be polite and avoid inappropriate behavior.  We have zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol.  We have safety training measures in place.

Please don’t approach my team members about performing ‘side jobs’ for you as they are instructed not to do so. Any work performed without the consent of the manager or owner is not permitted.

Payment terms: Payment can be completed with cash or check.

Check: Should be made out to "Earthwise Horticultural Services." We cannot accept post-dated checks.

As of right now, we can no longer accept credit or debit cards. Because of the fees involved, we have opted not use these services.

If this step is skipped, Earthwise Horticultural Services cannot be responsible for modifications requested by an HOA after project completion.

Landscape Design by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC Winter Park Florida 

Landscape Design in Winter Park Florida is not without pitfalls.

  1. Earthwise Case Study procedures are holistic in nature and detail oriented.
  2. When our Clients make a request for their landscape plan, we make sure they have it.
  3. Wildlife attraction and Florida friendly concepts always integrated unless otherwise decided.
  4. Water wise plant material and irrigation system evaluation are standard procedure.
  5. Our solutions help to ensure long term success of your landscape project.
  6. We offer a pallet of tough and Florida friendly plant material to choose from.
  7. Our warranty runs 6 months regular and 12 months with our extended care plan.

We are still in touch and serve most of our clients, how can we help you...

Project Collaboration

Landscape Design video walkthrough Xeriscape for Florida Landscapes

This plan is for an interactive backyard filled with edibles, Xeriscape influence.

Case 092 design features:

  • Raised bed edible garden
  • Water Feature for pleasant sound
  • Outdoor family dining table
  • Fire pit for evening atmosphere
  • Pergola to escape the sun
  • Hammock for those lazy days
  • Edible trees and ornamentals
  • Wildlife plants for butterflies and birds
  • Golden Goddess bamboo for privacy
  • Outdoor shower to cool off
  • No lawn to mow

What is your ideal backyard?

This plan is for a Key West tropical paradise

Case 088 design features:

  • Poolside living area
  • Rock beds extend off pool deck
  • Fire pit area in rock bed
  • Loose pebble path out to shade seating
  • Clear view of sunset through the palms
  • Plant selections to give a tropical feel
  • Flowers throughout the year
  • Foliage plants for contrast
  • Efficient irrigation system adapted to the design
  • No lawn to mow

What is your dream landscape?

Florida friendly consult

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Wildlife Landscapes

Landscape Styles

Landscape design video walkthrough

This plan is for a simple modern style front yard and an edible garden in the backyard


This plan is for a corner lot front yard with succession flowering tropical and traditional themes combined case 183


This plan is for a Florida friendly backyard poolside wildlife garden case 304